Are You a Texan Preserving Texas?

The Texas Historical Foundation was established in 1954—that’s 62 years ago. In that time, nearly $1.5 million has been given as seed money to help preservationists complete important work across the state. More than 130 issues of Texas HERITAGE Magazine have been published, and school children have learned about their Texas roots through education programs that THF has supported.

While it is important to recognize past achievements, the Foundation must also be forward thinking in order to meet an even greater need for preservation funding. Without doubt, there are challenges to overcome—fewer schools are teaching Texas history and many endangered historical resources and buildings are in danger of being lost unless action is taken. THF is committed to helping make that happen. A campaign is underway to expand the Foundation’s membership base and grow endowments so more grants can be given to assist more preservationists. We want to become a larger organization that touches all areas of Texas and whose membership is representative of the state’s population. THF also hopes to encourage others to join the effort so they can have a personal stake in the future of the Lone Star State.

This new updated website is part of that effort. It provides a members-only portal, easier access to grants services, and detailed information about projects and ways to get involved in the preservation community.

These changes are being implemented so that THF can continue to help preservationists who are working to save our shared history. This state’s great heritage is cradled in the hands of all Texans, no matter whether you were born here or arrived yesterday. It is our obligation to handle that history with care.


David D. Martinez, President

Texas Historical Foundation

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