Houston Arts and Media


Board & Staff

  • David D. Martinez, Corsicana, Chairman
  • Bruce Elsom, Houston, President
  • Sylvia Tillotson, Dallas, Vice President
  • Michael Marchant, Grapevine, Vice President
  • Patrick O. Rayes, Dallas, Treasurer
  • Carol Lipscomb, Ph.D., Fort Worth, Secretary
Honorary Directors
  • J.P. Bryan, Houston
  • Red McCombs, San Antonio
  • Sheila Umphrey, Beaumont
  • Walter Umphrey, Beaumont
  • Jonathan Allred, Coppell
  • John Aughinbaugh, Fort Worth
  • Fred Bangs, Irving
  • Martin D. Beirne, Houston
  • Robert A. Bettis, Irving
  • Patrick J. Biggins, Corpus Christi
  • John F. Boyle, Jr., Irving
  • Shannon Wilson Callewart, Dallas
  • Sam Coats, Dallas
  • R.J. Johnson Collins, Uvalde
  • Brian P. Costanza, Colleyville
  • Judy Davis, Elgin
  • Patrick DePole, Frisco
  • Tom C. Doell, Dallas
  • Marshall J. Doke, Jr., Dallas, Chairman Emeritus
  • Thomas R. Driskell, P.E., Houston
  • Michael Duda, Dallas
  • Lewis Fisher, San Antonio
  • Caira Franz, Horseshoe Bay
  • Joseph J. French, Jr., Dallas
  • Joseph J. French, III, Georgetown
  • Don B. Frost, San Antonio
  • William Fullerton, Austin
  • Barbara Gandy, Nacogdoches
  • Paulette Gerukos, Houston
  • Carol Gideon, McLean, VA
  • Eric Griffin, New Braunfels
  • Stephen L. Hardin, Ph.D., Abilene
  • Robert A. Higley, Houston
  • Kay Hindes, San Antonio
  • Darrel Holmquist, Georgetown
  • Ele Jordan, Dripping Springs
  • David Magar, Claude
  • Dian Malouf, Dallas
  • Henry E. Meadows, Jr., Austin
  • John B. Meadows, Austin
  • Tom Middlebrook, M.D., Nacogdoches
  • John Moore, Corpus Christi
  • Kathy Myers, Dallas
  • Joe Nebhan, El Paso
  • Sue Ann Pemberton, FAIA, San Antonio
  • Lee Pfluger, San Angelo
  • Margaret Purvis, Midland
  • Kelly Rushing, Houston
  • Michael A. Sabota, Tyler
  • Bernie Sargent, El Paso
  • R. H. Seale III, Dripping Springs
  • Billye Proctor Shaw, Abilene
  • William J. Sibley, San Antonio
  • J. Allen Smith, Lone Oak
  • Julie Sparks, Houston
  • Michael Sparks, Houston
  • Dian Graves Stai, Fredericksburg
  • Laura Wahlquist Stockdale, Dallas
  • William E. Strother, Dallas
  • Angela Styles, Washington, D.C.
  • Elizabeth Susser, Corpus Christi
  • Marylee Taylor, Del Rio
  • Ralph Thomas, Houston
  • Wendy Thomas, Kaufman
  • Kurt von Plonski, Houston
  • Elizabeth Wahlquist, Dallas
  • D. Clark Wernecke, Ph. D., Pflugerville
  • Helen Widener, Trinidad
  • Ty Wood, Colorado City
  • Jack W. Young, Dallas

Gene Krane, Executive Director

Areas of responsibility: Oversees administration and operations, budgeting and finances, board matters, marketing, fundraising, and serves as magazine editor

Email: director@texashistoricalfoundation.org

Tina KinserOperations and Grants Manager

Areas of responsibility: Administrative matters, grant applications/questions/and review, financial reporting, board meeting logistics, magazine advertising, marketing, and historical research and writing

Email: admin@texashistoricalfoundation.org


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If you are interested in preserving Texas history and want more information about joining the THF board, please email admin@texashistoricalfoundation.org or call 512.453.2154.

The organization especially needs directors from the Panhandle and South and West Texas.