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What We Do

About the Texas Historical Foundation

Put simply, the mission of the Texas Historical Foundation is to provide funds for historic preservation projects and promote Lone Star history education.

Millions of dollars of THF funding have helped save important pieces of Texas history—buildings, artifacts, documents, and archeology. Because these gifts are not tied to government budgets, giving is able to continue during economic downturns. THF directors support the organization’s operations with their contributions—meaning other donations are used specifically for preservation projects.

Since 1983, THF has carried out the educational component of its mission by publishing the award-winning Texas HERITAGE Magazine. Educational grants for documentaries, books, and research projects help teach Texas school children the fundamentals of their Lone Star roots.

For more than 60 years, THF has helped:
Save Buildings

such as the Charles Goodnight Home in the Panhandle

Further Archeological Research

including work at the Gault Site in Central Texas

Preserve Archives + Photographs

like early Texas Supreme Court records at the state archives

Sponsor History Education Efforts

including “The Birth of Texas” documentary series

Support the Work

of researchers, writers, and educators—like the first “Women in Texas History” book series