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The backbone of THF’s mission is its grant program. Foundation gifts support diverse projects in wide-ranging geographic regions, cultures, and areas of interest. Learn about those efforts on the map below or in the section highlighting project undertakings.

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Houston Arts & Media

Houston | 2014

Funding, provided through an anonymous donation, to complete the five remaining episodes of the Birth of Texas eight-part documentary series, covering Texas history from Spanish settlement to statehood.

Houston Arts & Media

Houston | 2012

The grant award for production and post-production expenses of the first two installments for The Birth of Texas, an eight-part documentary series on Texas history from 1821-1846.

Houston History Alliance

Houston | 2014

Grant award will be used for costs associated with the 4th annual Houston History Conference, Houston: Born on the Bayou, Built on the Port.

Jefferson Carnegie Library

Jefferson | 2013

Funds awarded for the cost of emergency repairs to the building’s leaky roof and the resulting water damage to the second floor interior. The Library was built in 1907 with grants awarded by the Carnegie Foundation.

Jefferson County Historical Society and Museum

Jefferson | 2011

The THF funds assisted with the installation of a lightning protection system at the Jefferson Museum to safeguard the historical collection housed within the building.

King High Historical Foundation

Kingsville | 2012

The organization received grant funds to assist with the restoration currently underway on the former H.M. King High School, built in 1909, for adaptive re-use as Kingsville City Hall.

Live Oak Art Center

Columbus | 2015

THF awarded a conditional grant to aid in the cost of masonry restoration on the historic exterior of the 1891 Brunson Building Whiskey Warehouse. The entire building is undergoing rehabilitation and, when completed, will serve the community with arts education classes.

Marshall Depot, Inc.

Marshall | 2000

Funds for creation of regional historical exhibits in the newly-restored Marshall Depot.

Mason County Historical Society

Mason | 2006

Received funds to assist in the installation of an elevator to allow greater access of the second-floor historical collection.

McLean United Methodist Church

McLean | 2012

Grant given to assist with the restoration of 12 stained glass windows that were originally commissioned by Charles Goodnight, circa 1906, for a church that once stood in the town of Goodnight.

Millard’s Crossing Historic Village

Nacogdoches | 2014

Grant assistance for a project to install a new roof on the Henry Millard historic home. The turn-of-the century landmark serves as a repository for Millard’s Crossing’s archival collection, which includes historical documents from the 1830’s to present.

Museum of South Texas History

Edinburg | 2014

THF funds will assist with construction costs for the restoration of the 1910 Hildago County Jail, a Registered Texas Historic Landmark.

Museum of the Southwest

Midland | 2000

Funds to support Archaeology Awareness Month.

Museum of the Stonewall Saloon

Saint Jo, TX | 2015

In the 1960s, a well-meaning effort to make the saloon appear “more western,” actually covered up the native stone exterior with stucco and installed a cedar plank wall around the entrance. When the Stonewall Saloon Museum board started this project four years ago, they sought professional advice to guide the removal of that material. They enlisted the services of local mason Mike Hofbaugher, whose work exposed the beautiful rock walls that were once favored by builders of the town’s 19th-century public structures. The front facade, however, was severely water-damaged and required reconstruction.

It is known within Saint Jo that when banker James R. Wiley purchased the building in the early 20th century, he redesigned its front entrance, but that change had later been concealed. As workers now took off the mid-20th century era stucco, they found remnants that revealed his alterations. Historic brickwork and iron posts that once held up a corner entrance gave physical evidence to when the structure served as the town’s community bank. Workers, including local junior high students, cleaned the decayed mortar from these salvaged bricks. Although the Stonewall Saloon team ultimately wants to return the building to its 1873 appearance, their objective now is to save the artifacts that tell of the property’s more than a century-old life by repurposing the architectural elements in structural work and even exhibits.

Restoration work also uncovered hidden history inside the building. Under layers of plaster and wallpaper, workers discovered an 1870’s mural (pictured below, left) behind the old bar that depicts urns with flowers and reeds.  A historical art conservator informed the non-profit that traveling artists commonly decorated the walls of public buildings in that era. He recommended techniques to preserve the artwork and informed them about the original colors of the building’s interior. Using this information, Joel Hale, a local artist, was able to create a new rendering of the historical mural for the saloon (pictured below, right).

Through the support of an active and passionate community, historic integrity has been restored to the Stonewall Saloon Museum. With the exterior, first floor, and new addition now completed, the organization is preparing for the final phase of the project: reconstructing the second floor. The restored space will eventually house artifacts and pictures celebrating the history of an important stop along one of the state’s most famous cattle trails.

Neill-Cochran House Museum

Austin | 2011

THF funds for the purchase and installation of special shelving units for NCHM’s archival storage.

New Braunfels Conservation Society

New Braunfels | 2016

THF awarded a grant to New Braunfels Conservation Society to assist with costs to restore the 1855 Arnold-Rauch-Brandt homestead.

Newton County Historical Commission

Newton | 2000

Awarded funding for partial restoration of the W. H. Ford Male and Female College/Powell Hotel Building.

Odeon Preservation Association

Mason | 2015

A second THF award given to complete a project to restore the balcony of the Odeon Theater, built in 1928 and is purportedly the oldest continuously operating movie theater in West Texas. The completed project will increase the seating capacity by at least one-quarter to greater serve the local community.

Old Oak Cliff Conservation Society

Dallas | 2011

Grant money for the purchase and installation of a historical marker and a reflection area honoring Officer J.D. Tippit, the Dallas policeman killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy’s assassin.

Panna Maria Historical Society

Panna Maria | 2000

Funds for restoration of historic church painted ceiling artwork.

Post Oak Community Center

Post Oak | 2013

Grant assisted with costs associated with the Post Oak schoolhouse restoration project, which is located outside of Johnson City and now serves as a community center.

Power of Preservation

San Antonio | 2015

Grant assistance towards the archaeological investigation of three National Register listed Tejano ranch sites. The findings will contribute to the San Antonio Founding Initiative 2018 Project through the investigation, research, and reporting of the ranches.

Presidio County Historical Commission

Marfa | 2007

Awarded a grant for the purchase of supplies for the restoration of Missión
del Sagrado Corazon in Ruidosa, one of the only surviving structures with rare adobe arches.

Rockdale Historical Society

Rockdale | 2000

Funds for preservation of the International and Great Northern Railroad Depot and creation of a local history museum and research center.

Roll Call-Friends of Camp Hearne

Hearne | 2010

THF funds covered expenses for exhibit signage and a new interpretive panel for Camp Hearne, site of a WWII POW camp, which was the first and largest prisoner-of-war camp on United States soil and operated from 1943-1946.

Ruthe Winegarten Memorial Foundation

Austin | 2014

The Ruthe Winegarten Foundation for Texas Women’s History and Texas A&M University Press have partnered to produce the first in their  “Women in Texas History” book series. The first title, Allie Victoria Tennant and the Visual Arts in Dallas, by Light Townsend Cummins, was recently published, supported in part by a grant from the Texas Historical Foundation.

The purpose of the series is to produce books that offer the best that historians are producing on the subject of women’s history. Nancy Baker Jones, president of the Winegarten Foundation, added that in addition, the series recognizes that there are “foundational texts” from the field’s early years that deserve to be reprinted for new generations of readers.

She said, “We are also proud of our Ellen C. Temple Classics of Texas Women’s History collection. That name honors the woman whose early dedication to publishing on that subject helped bring the field into existence.”

The first two books in that collection also appeared in 2015: Citizens at Last: The Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas, edited by Ruthe Winegarten and Judith N. McArthur (first published in 1987) and A Texas Suffragist: Diaries and Writings of Jane Y. McCallum, edited by Janet G. Humphrey (first published in 1988).

When Jones was asked about the importance of recording the stories of women, she said, “Texas history, from its start, has been made by everyone, but it is only relatively recently that the stories of women have been included. We can actually date the revolution that announced women’s participation to a remarkable museum exhibit, called “Texas Women: A Celebration of History” that opened at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio in 1981 and traveled the state for two years.”

Jones concluded, “Telling women’s stories is simply the honest thing to do if we want well-educated citizens who can take us into the future with an accurate understanding of how we got to the present. I…think about the state song Texas, Our Texas. For a long time, that title was not accurate, because the stories of women were not included in our history. Now that they are, we can say that Texas really is ours.”

San Antonio Genealogical & Historical Society

San Antonio | 2012

Grant funding approved for the binding of periodicals housed at the organization’s library, which is located in a privately-owned ranch house in San Antonio and is run by volunteers.

San Benito Texas Independence Day Festival Committee

San Benito | 2010

THF funds used for the 2010 San Benito Texas Independence Day Festival, which is the only celebration of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley.

St. Edward’s University

Austin | 2015

Grant assistance for the University’s two-phase project to restore, repair, and stabilize the campus’ 1888 Main Building. The grant will be used as leverage for a $500,000 J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation challenge grant, and offset costs to rehabilitate the structure’s load-bearing façade.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Umbarger | 2012

THF funds applied to the cleaning and restoration of interior murals, artwork, and carvings created by Italian prisoners of war in 1945.