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How To Give

Planned Giving


The THF board administers endowments that provide funding for grant projects ranging from legal preservation to archeology.

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Memorials & Tributes

Honor the true Texans in your life by making a gift that becomes a lasting testimonial. All memorial and honor tributes are recognized in Texas HERITAGE magazine so that your loved one is remembered in perpetuity.

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Corporate Sponsorship & Employee Matching

Businesses can provide in-kind services, sponsorships, and financial support for administrative or preservation projects. In addition, many employers multiply donations made by their workers; check with the Human Resources group to find out whether your company participates in a matching program.

Estate Giving

As generations pass, fewer schools teach Texas history, and old buildings are demolished, the state’s past is being lost. If you want future generations to understand what it means to say, “I am a Texan too,” then consider a planned gift to the Texas Historical Foundation.