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What We Do


Endowments are the vehicle through which THF funds are delivered to Texas preservationists, ensuring that assistance is always available for worthwhile projects. 


Current Endowments

JOSEPH BALLARD ARCHEOLOGY FUND. Named for one of the Foundation’s early leaders, this endowment is for projects in the field of archeology.

JEANNE R. BLOCKER MEMORIAL FUND. This fund was established to honor a Texas preservationist and supports work being done in rural areas of the state, delivering grants to projects carried out in communities with populations of 30,000 or fewer.  

J.P. BRYAN PRESERVATION TRUST. This board-designated fund was named for a long-time preservationist, historian, and Foundation leader and has no special restrictions as to the type of projects that may be funded.

MARSHALL J. DOKE, JR., TEXAS LEGAL HISTORY PRESERVATION TRUST. Established in 1995, this endowment is designated for the conservation of materials related to the legal history of the Republic and State of Texas.  The fund bears the name of a long-time THF leader and supporter who is responsible for the establishment of the trust.

MICHAEL C. DUDA HISTORIC ARCHITECTURAL ENDOWMENT. This fund was established in July 2017 to preserve and/or celebrate Texas architectural items, structures, or accomplishments. It was renamed in October 2019 following the death of a young board member who provided stewardship for the creation of the fund.

MCCOMBS FUND. Founded in 2004 to develop special content for Texas Historical Foundation's flagship history publication, Texas HERITAGE Magazine, the McCombs Fund now supports all THF publication efforts including our collaboration with Authentic Texas Magazine.  

SHARRON AND DOUG ROGERS PRESERVATION FUND. The newest THF fund was established in 2023 through a generous gift of the Rogers who have a deep love of Texas history, with Sharron’s family going back generations in Texas. This fund provides a vital link to the past by awarding grants for the preservation and restoration of significant and revered historic structures, landmarks, or sites within the current boundaries of the State of Texas. 

SARAH MEADOWS AND CHARLES E. SEAY PRESERVATION TRUST. Named for Dallas civic leaders, the Meadows Seay Trust is restricted to projects that support the preservation and promotion of Texas history.

WILLIAM JACK SIBLEY ARTS ENDOWMENT. This fund was created in 2019  by writer and long-time THF director to identify, support, preserve,  promote, protect, nurture, and celebrate Texas art.

MISSI THOMAS THF OPERATIONS ENDOWMENT. This endowment, to support the long-term operations of the organization, was established in January 2018, and renamed in October 2019 to honor a long-serving director and donor.

JACK R. WAHLQUIST DIRECTORS ENDOWMENT. Created in 2000, this fund is for use at the board’s discretion for any purpose or activity of the THF, including grants, publications, and operations. It was renamed for long-time director, officer, and benefactor Jack Wahlquist in January 2018.