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Our Mission

We Are Texans Preserving Texas.

Texas history is unique, colorful, and vast. Realizing the need to preserve Texan's shared history and educate them about their past, the Texas Historical Foundation was incorporated in 1954 as a 501 (c) (3) organization to take on this mission.  Using public donations, THF invests in this work by providing funds to nonprofits that are saving the buildings, artifacts, documents and traditions of the Lone Star past. 


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2023 Star of Texas Event

It’s easy to lose oneself for hours in the Texas Historical Commission’s Texas Time Travel website. The site is part of THC’s Texas Heritage Trails Program, an initiative that was created in 1998 to highlight historic places across Texas and to promote education about our state history through travel.

The 1856 Neill-Cochran House in Austin is remarkable for many reasons. Its architectural significance is obvious, but it is also significant for a history that has not been widely told and that Neill-Cochran House Museum Executive Director Rowena Dasch and her staff have been working since 2016 to uncover.

The future is looking bright for Bolivar Point Lighthouse in Galveston Bay, built in 1872. The structure is in dire need of repairs before the iconic cupola falls and the structure is lost forever. Thankfully, the lighthouse has passionate advocates who are tirelessly working to ensure this never happens and that it is preserved for many generations to come.