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Our Mission

We Are Texans Preserving Texas.

Texas history is unique, colorful, and vast. Realizing the need to preserve Texan's shared history and educate them about their past, the Texas Historical Foundation was incorporated in 1954 as a 501 (c) (3) organization to take on this mission.  Using public donations, THF invests in this work by providing funds to nonprofits that are saving the buildings, artifacts, documents and traditions of the Lone Star past. 


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2023 Star of Texas Event

The Brenham Heritage Museum's grand opening in a decommissioned Classical Revival style post office built in 1915 is set for Thursday, November 17 at 1:00 pm. Earlier this month, Texas HERITAGE Editor Gene Krane toured the museum with BHM Executive Director Mike Vance.

As the earth warms and climate change affects the planet in ways humankind is still discovering, natural disasters have become increasingly frequent and unpredictable. Devastating hurricanes, destructive droughts, and raging wildfires threaten lives and landscapes, creating what some have called a new normal. While saving people and homes is always a priority in these situations, precious historical and cultural resources are often also in harm’s way.

Hugh Edmondson’s family are ranchers in Ballinger, outside of San Angelo. A simple discovery began a journey by Edmondson that would eventually lead him to assemble what is now a collection of spurs that includes examples covering a span of 120 years. There are collectors who simply want to own artifacts, and there are others who seek to know about the history of the items they have assembled. Edmondson falls into the latter category.