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THF Grant Presentation, Archer County Museum & Arts Center, Archer City

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
3:00 pm4:00 pm
<b>ACMAC | 203 E. Pecan St., Archer City | May 24, 2023</b>

THF board member Carol Lipscomb will host a presentation of the Foundation’s recent grant to Archer County Museum and Arts Center Wednesday, May 24. ACMAC secured Texas Historical Foundation funding towards their effort to stabilize Archer City’s historic 1910 Jail building.

The building had long been the home of Archer City’s museum of local history and art until the long-term effects of deferred maintenance took its toll. Conditions forced the museum’s closure in 2017, with much of its collection languishing inside. In response, Archer County Museum and Arts Center formed in 2020 and immediately set about rescuing the museum’s vulnerable artifacts and planning the structure’s rehabilitation. Ultimately, the group plans to not only reopen the beloved landmark as a museum, but to demonstrate the role that historic preservation can play in the revitalization of a town.

The group quickly made considerable strides in saving the building, realizing a successful fundraising campaign and necessary preservation plans that had long been deferred. With notable preservation architecture firm Architexas on board, ACMAC will break ground on the first phase of structural stabilization in June.

If you are a THF director or member and wish to attend, reply to this email, or contact for details. To learn more about Archer County Museum and Arts Center and the history of the 1910 Jail, visit