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Vision Historic Preservation Foundation

Illustration of the original A.O. Watson-designed Rockdale City Hall, which Vision is restoring to it's original design for use as a center for community arts and culture.

In recent years, Vision Historic Preservation Foundation has emerged as a force for preservation in their community, with their work at Rockdale's old City Hall, dubbed The 1895, serving as ground zero for a comprehensive campaign to invigorate culture and arts in historic downtown Rockdale. The group’s efforts at the former Rockdale City Hall will see The 1895 restored to its original design, turning back the clock on decades of renovations that left the A.O. Watson-designed building unrecognizable. 

In addition to the group’s outstanding work at The 1895, Vision Historic will be hosting Rockdale’s July 2024 sesquicentennial events, an effort supported by their THF grant. The twelve-day celebration will include historic walking tours, art exhibits, live music, and much more. To learn more about the events planned to celebrate Rockdale’s 150th anniversary, click here.   

If you are a THF Director and wish to join the presentation and subsequent tour of The 1895, please RSVP by responding to this email. To learn more about the incredible restoration of The 1895 and offer your support, visit