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Friends of the Warren Ferris Cemetery

Wildflowers bloom on the Texas Blackland Prairie.

Warren Angus Ferris Cemetery | 8375 San Leandro St., Dallas | 10 a.m. May 8

Join THF on May 8 for a presentation of their recent grant to the Friends of Warren Ferris Cemetery, supporting the group’s Constellation of Living Memorials pilot program. The project has seen 8 local historic cemeteries restored to a natural Blackland Prairie landscape, drawing public acclaim and reinvigorating interest in often overlooked historical sites.    

Texas preservationists have long wrestled with the how to maintain our historic cemeteries. With over 2,000 cemeteries designated as Historic by the Texas Historical Commission, the sheer scope can quickly overwhelm even the most dedicated communities. Meanwhile, East Texas natural Blackland Prairie landscape has been diminished to just 5,000 of its original 12 million acres.The Constellation of Living Memorials posits a novel solution, marrying the need for native green space with the maintenance of historic cemeteries. This natural, if unexpected, partnership has driven investment in the cemeteries participating across the Dallas metroplex.       

East Dallas’ Warren Ferris Cemetery has been ground zero for the experiment. When local master naturalist Julie Fineman transformed the 19th century cemetery into a wildlife refuge, the neighborhood took notice. Realizing the process could be replicated, Constellation of Living Memorials was formed.     

THF members and board are invited to attend. The presentation will be followed by a tour of the historic Warren Angus Ferris Cemetery; please reply to this email for full event details. To learn more about the Constellation of Living Memorials and Friends of the Warren Ferris Cemetery, visit their website.