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What We Do

Texas HERITAGE Magazine

What We Do


Published by THF since 1983, Texas HERITAGE is one of the few magazines focusing on Lone Star history and preservation.

Every quarter, readers turn to the the award-winning publication to learn about: 

  • Texas historical figures
  • Architectural finds and the stories they reveal
  • Efforts to preserve historic buildings, documents and the arts, and;
  • Important preservation work happening around the state

All Foundation memberships come with a magazine subscription, and some membership levels allow for complimentary gift subscriptions.

Award-Winning Accomplishments

  • Texas HERITAGE magazine was the official commemorative publication for the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum opening in Austin.
  • Joint issues have been produced with the Texas Map Society and the Texas Archeological Society among others.
  • Historical organizations and business communications groups, including the International Association of Business Communicators and the San Antonio Conservation Society, have recognized Texas HERITAGE’s excellence.
  • Special issues—such as those on historic maps, currency, and flags—included images that had never before been seen publicly.


Texas HERITAGE’s audience includes history enthusiasts, collectors, historians, preservationists, educators, and elected officials. In addition to subscription holders, the publication can also be found on the bookshelves of public and school libraries—further multiplying its audience and reach.

Advertising provides a service to THF members—keeping them informed about the latest goods and products—while offering an avenue for businesses to target an audience that travels, visits museums, stays in historic inns, restores properties, and has above-average disposable income.