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A vintage Missouri Pacific Railroad advertisement depicts turn of the century locomotive engine replaced by MoPac passenger train

Texas Historical Foundation Director Patrick Biggins will host a presentation of the Foundation’s October 2022 grant to the Rosenberg Railroad Museum on December 7, 2022. The THF grant was awarded to fund maintenance on the Museum’s extensive collection of historic railroad artifacts and to aid in the organization’s upgrade of their archive.

Since opening its doors to the public in 2002, Rosenberg Railroad Museum has leveraged its extensive collection of antique rail equipment as a vantage point from which to examine the many ways that railway expansion shaped the history of the Fort Bend region. The Museum will apply granted funds to upgrade their archival program and practices, improving the storage of collections data and allowing greater ease of access to scholars and outside institutions, in addition to ongoing maintenance of artifacts before and after public display.

The presentation will take place at 11 a.m. Wednesday, December 7 at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum in downtown Rosenberg, with Executive Director Rainey Webster accepting on behalf of the Museum. NOTE: This event was rescheduled from its original time. 

Visit the Rosenberg Railroad Museum online to learn more about upcoming exhibits and programming.