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ICCC Houston & Glenwood Cemetery Historical Preservation Foundation

The 1923 Milford House in Houston's Museum District has been home to the Italian Culture & Community Center of Houston since the 1970s.

Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston 

A presentation of Texas Historical Foundation’s recent grant to the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston will take place 10 a.m. Wednesday, January 10 on site at the historic 1923 Milford House (1101 Milford Street, Houston, TX 77006) from which ICCC operates their many programs.

Founded in 1976 as an umbrella group to coordinate the 20+ active Italian clubs operating in the Houston at the time, the group’s focus is the preservation of Italian American culture and history within the unique context of the city. Since 1982, the group has conducted this work through the beloved 1923 Milford House, also known as the Logue House, a classically detailed country house designed by Houston architect William Ward Watkin situated in the city’s Museum District.

This THF grant supports emergency repairs to the House following a July 2023 ceiling collapse, empowering ICCC to continue what they do best: education, exhibits, lectures, and events for the public at one of Houston’s beloved architectural landmarks. Learn more about the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston and the history of the Milford House.


Glenwood Cemetery Historical Preservation Foundation

Later that day, a presentation to Glenwood Cemetery Historical Preservation Foundation will take place at the iconic 1870s cemetery in the urban heart of Houston (2525 Washington Ave., Houston, 77007). Established in the early 1870s, Glenwood Cemetery is an early local example of a Victorian park-style cemetery. Notable for its elaborate period craftsmanship and famous Texan residents, the Cemetery also boasts a large archive of genealogical records.

This grant supports the establishment of a public state of the art Archive and Genealogy Room on the grounds of the cemetery, sure to be of keen interest to families of the interred and historians alike as public interest in genealogy continues to grow in popularity across the nation.

The presentation will take place at 2 p.m. January 10 onsite. Visit for details on the cemetery’s history, burial records, and notable interred. If you're a Texas Historical Foundation Member and would like to attend either event, please contact